Grade 10 Programs

We can customize programs to fit specific topics being covered by teachers

FI = Programs available in French for French Immersion Schools
MP = Maximum number of participants for a half day program
Blue = curriculum connection

Below are curriculum topics and a list of our programs that connect to some or all of the expectations

Earth and Space Science: Climate Change

Nature Walk (Grade 9, 10 Academic) FI
This is an opportunity for the students to investigate some local habitats and become familiar with some of the plants and animals that are native to their ecozone. They will visit a forest, meadow and river habitat looking for the animals and plants that are characteristic of this local area. There will also be a discussion of some of the invasive species found in this area and an opportunity to identify these species.
All Year

Our Ecological Footprint (Grade 9, 10) MP = 40
The choices we make about the way we live are having a profound impact on our local and global environment. This has not only environmental but economic consequences for us both now and in our future. Visit the new Centre for Urban Ecology and become familiar with some of the special features of the building that reduce its Ecological Footprint. Assess your own Ecological Footprint and consider ways in which you can reduce your personal impact on your local and global environment.
All Year

Watershed Awareness
What is a watershed and how do you study one? Identify YOUR watershed address.
(All year)

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