Kindergarten and Preschool Programs

Kindergarten and Preschool Programs

All Programs available in French for French Immersion Schools

Nature Walk (Grades JK-4)
Using the trails of the Arboretum, take part in exploratory activities designed to look closely at nature.
(All year)

Birds (Grades JK – 4, 6,7)
What makes birds unique? Learn where they live, what they eat and how they behave. Feed the winter Chickadees.
(All year)

Trees (Grades JK,1,3,4,6)
Trees play an important role in our lives. Learn about forest ecology, fruits, seeds and tree life cycles.
(All year)

Amazing Animals (Grades JK – 1 to 6)
Uncover the differences between the animal groups. Wildlife native to the Arboretum will be emphasized.
(All year)

Tobogganing (Grades All)
Discover the historical importance of toboggans and enjoy this winter activity (weather permitting). (December-February)

Snowshoeing (Grades All)
Discover the historical importance of snowshoes and enjoy this winter activity (weather permitting). (December-February)

Insects (Grades JK, 1 to 3)
Examine and compare fascinating insects in different habitats.
(Mid-may to November)

Pond Life (Grades JK - 1 to 4)
Study life above and below the surface of the pond.
(April - November)

Who Gives a Hoot (Grades JK – 2, 4, 6)
Find out about the owl species of the Humber River Valley and explore their habitats.
(November to March)

Maple Syrup Harvesting (Grades JK – 7)
Travel back to a time when maple sap was collected in pails and carried to a wood fired evaporator. Samples may be provided.
(February - March)

Sensational Senses (Grades Jk-1)
Come discover the Arboretum grounds and use your senses to explore all the wonders that nature has to offer. Through a variety of games & activities, participants will better understand how different animals use their senses.
(All year)

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